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How We Choose The Best CBD Vape Cartridges From The Market?

How We Choose The Best CBD Vape Cartridges From The Market?

Now, before we get into the meat and potatoes, we have to start with the appetizer question of “What, exactly, is a CBD vape cartridge or vape pen?” A CBD vape cartridge or vape pen is a pre-filled disposable cartridge meant to be slotted into your vape device and used, whether at home or when out and about. They’re pretty easy to slot in and connect to the vape device/battery, depending on the specifics of the cartridge, and then just puff away.

Overall, CBD cartridges or vape pens are a very beginner-friendly product, not complicated in the slightest, and are a convenient way to take a hit and get a mood boost. What makes it different from other vaping liquids and products is what’s in the tank; CBD vape cartridges, as their name suggests, use cannabidiol inside their CBD cartridges. This provides certain medical effects and is, as we mentioned earlier, helpful in relaxing and easing pain/tension.

With the current state of affairs and the increasing trend in online stores, it’s often easier and more convenient to look at online stores instead of finding and traveling to brick-and-mortar shops.

When looking online and researching, you can find a variety of promises and upsides displayed proudly, though downsides tend to take a bit more digging. As such, we’re here to do that digging and evaluate a variety of CBD vape cartridges on a variety of factors, primarily the ingredients, the price, and the reviews given by the customers.


The first thing to keep in mind, and perhaps the most important, while figuring out a CBD cartridge is that you only want a few ingredients in your vape cartridge to get the benefits of CBD. Some brands use artificial additives to create tastes and aromas, which are not the brands you want to use due to a history of vape fluid additives ending up as carcinogenic.

For more info, read this article by Dr. Jahan Marcu, which goes into more detail on toxic additives. In addition, we want high-quality CBD cartridges acting as the source of the vape fluid. Given that hemp is a bio-accumulator that sucks up and stores contaminants, we want the highest quality CBD grown on organic plants for a nice and clean vaping experience.

Price Point

A CBD cartridge is typically somewhat expensive, given the nature of extraction from the plant, the care that must be taken while growing these strains of hemp, the taxes levied on them due to being a luxury product, and several other factors.

It should be noted that expensive does not always mean better when it comes to vaping fluids.

For example, let’s take two CBD products of equal quality, but one that is more potent and more expensive. If you know you like to take a number of hits at once, you probably want to use the less potent one, because otherwise it’d be a waste and shoot your tolerance straight into the sky. Or, if you really like the flavor and take hits to pass time then you’d also want a less potent blend.

User Reviews

In science, medicine, and reporting, one truth about information reigns supreme: first hand experience is best, followed closely by secondhand from a reputable source.

And who is more reputable than the users themselves? They don’t have a reason to lie. They simply receive a CBD product and rate it according to how much they’ve enjoyed it.

Or, conversely, they rated it according to how much they didn’t enjoy it if it was poor in quality. Generally, you’ll find reviews to be overwhelmingly positive for the great brands, but they’re still worth going over to learn more about the product and how it feels to use.

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